Monday, 3 April 2017

Index of Posts Responding to Christian SJ Thomason

SJ Thomason composed a response to my 10 reasons (edit: now moved to a christianapologist website) for why I was not a Christian. Given the length of her post, I broke down my replies into the different topics supplied.

Note that my original post was an explanation of why I am not a Christian. In that context it is not a list of reasons why Christians should become atheists, or even why all atheists aren't Christians. It's an account of my personal objections.

1. Never mind the Punc Eq, where's Adam and Eve?: SJ takes on genetics
2. They call him Mr Fantastic: SJ builds a strawman
3. Soapy Red Herrings: SJ takes on soap
4. Will the real JC stand up? SJ takes on the gospels
5. Not feeling the power: SJ takes on prayer
6. Whip it good, SJT takes on slavery
7. God kills black people for love: SJT takes on disasters
8. Hell and the Heavens: SJT takes on Erastothenes
9. Dream big little god: SJT takes on parochalism and freewill


  1. It's not really a rebuttal if my objection is ignored
  2. Bible verses are not rebuttals
  3. My, Ross is astonishingly ignorant of the basics of biology
  4. All arguments can be instantly improved by not quoting C.S. Lewis

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