Monday, 12 November 2012

Letters to the faithful- no, we're not really friends

Dear Christians 

Sometimes you can behave very oddly.  The thing is, I don't mind getting questions about atheism from believers who want to understand it better.  What I do mind are those questions that signal your position is entrenched and you're trying to set an inept trap for me.  This is just wasting my time and that's the one thing I don't have to waste. 

So, stop calling me friend.  To qualify as a friend, you've got at least know who I am.  As a good guide, a friend is someone who remembers my birthday.  Trying to make out that you're my friend and hence, have my best interests at heart, is an obvious emotional play.  It's isn't going to work.  If you don't meet the criteria of a friend, don't pretend you are one- and I won't have to remind you that you're not. 

And this leads to that breathtaking exercise in inanity- "pop-psych insights".   You've got all figured out already.  The only conceivable reason you can think of for me being an atheist, is something deeply emotional.  I guess this is why so few theists ever ask me why I'm an atheist.  It's because so many of you have already decided you know why. 

I'm an atheist because there's not only no evidence to corroborate the existence of a god, much of the evidence contravenes the Abrahamic (that's your god by the way).  I'm not an atheist because I'm angry or hurt or lonely or short on love.   This whole spiel where you pretend to be my friend, and then offer your insights- if only I engaged in introspection I'd realise that my atheism is an irrational, emotional response to the world- actually goes down like a cup of cold-sick. 

You're not going to get the hoped-for response.  I'm not going to tearfully realise you were smart enough to figure out my problem and thank you for it.  I'm probably going to make some uncharitable comments at the utter inanity and patronising arrogance you've just displayed. 

So please, check your presumptions at the door.  If you do want to find out more about atheism, ask away.  If you're intending to act disingenuously then I'm afraid, I'm not going to show any tolerance for that approach. 

Kind regards 


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